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No Limit Texas Hold'em Tips - Texas Hold'em Strategy

Author: Nuno R.

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No Limit Texas Hold'em tips and strategy guide. (

The two key factors you need to have in mind during a texas hold'em game are:
In this order

What does my opponent have and what is he doing?
What do I have and what am I doing?


This entire section is my personal opinion on the game based on my 10+ years of playing poker both off and online. I'm not a professional poker player nor do I intend to be one, I do however love the game and the adventure it is and have inevitably, over time, acquired some points of view. These are not absolute theories. There are so many factors in the game that it is impossible to cover them all. The beauty of this game is that it's so organic that only experience will bring you true instinctive wisdom. These are general guidelines covering No Limit Texas Hold'em. Both ring and tournament play. These tips and strategies mean to help and guide beginners and enthusiasts of Texas Hold'em poker. If you're experienced it won't hurt to take a look. As with everything, texas hold'em is life long learning process. This is how I see the game thus far.

What is a good starting hand? Well in my view any hand is a good starting hand and any hand is a bad starting hand. It all depends on what your position is, who your opponents are and how big your stack is and finnaly what type of game you're in (ring or tournament). But before any of those considerations here are the:

Top 5 starting hands


The "Rockets" (see poker lingo for more terms) The best possible starting hand in Texas Hold'em.





If you have any of these hands you should always consider rasing or re-raising pre-flop.
Below are the remaining top starting hands.






Other good starting hands are:

Any pocket pair besides the ones already listed above

Any suited connectors*

Any connectors*

Any one gap suited connectors*

Any one gap connectors*

*suited connectors are 2 connecting cards in the same suit - ex: 910
connectors are 2 connecting cards offsuit - ex: 9 10
one gap suited connectors are 2 cards with one gap between them - ex: 810
one gap connectors are 2 connecting cards with one gap offsuit - ex: 8 10

You will notice that suited cards are relevant in some cases. But only in some cases. Many players like to play any two suited cards to try and catch a flush* (*see poker hand ranking). However having any two suited cards is not an advantage and will get you in trouble.Iif you call many hands just because you're cards are suited you are making a mistake. Don't do this. You will lose in the long run. You only flop flushes about 30% of the time.

Bad Starting Hands

Any two cards not mentioned above. The weakest hand you can start with is 7-2 offsuit. Don't get envolved in pots with hands that are not listed above. There are exceptions, of course, but we'll approach that later.

Visit to learn about more aspects of the game.

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