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Smart Rookie Poker Player

by: Roxel Pudol

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Trying to have some luck on a casino table is not just mere sitting on comfortable chair watching the cards to be laid down. There are rules to be followed and strategies for a sure win. A veteran poker player knew all about these. And they maximize their strategies to take advantage of the rookie players.

The veterans or masters of that field could easily spot a new comer in that particular field. In a casino table, a poker newbie is not exempted. A veteran poker player could easily determine a poker newbie. Watch out, they will dig every single penny in your pocket.

There are techniques for us to disguise and go along with these master-poker players undetermined.

Be observant

An example mistake a rookie commits is the string betting Ė a player call a bet and then make a raise. Then followed by familiar action indicating that you are a rookie player. These actions will then use by the matured poker player to take advantage of you during the game. Within the thoughts of this seasoned poker player, he/she is laughing at you and the same time, use some strategies unfamiliar to you through out the game.

The traditional pattern in calling a bet - announce that you are going to raise first before pushing your bet, anticipating the possible raise your opponent might call. Chain reactions will occur. Chances are, you will not be treated as rookie poker player.

Control Your Emotions

A seasoned poker player will determine if your card standing is good or not. By way of body language, through emotions and facial expressions you are showing, a seasoned poker player will know if you will raise a bet or not. This is a disadvantage on your part and an advantage on your opponent.

Incidentally, a rookie poker player will manifest a familiar facial expression on the first time he looks on his cards. The expression that will manifest on your face will show, telling to your opponent if you have good or not good enough cards to bet on.

Furthermore, the first time you look at your cards and you become happy, it shows that you have nice cards to compete within that round, but if you frown and displeased, it shows that you donít have good cards to play. In addition, you are announcing the status of your cards.

Every veteran on the table can pick a hint on your actions. These actions will be used against you. Even the smallest action of the hand will manifest during the game expressing something, giving additional hints about your cards whether they are competitive or not.

These seasoned poker players knew everything within or around the table. A manifestation of a simple hint of advantage will be of great deal to them. In fact, they are patient in waiting for these hints. Furthermore, they knew every player they had competed before and also remember some anecdotes that had been shown during the game.

Unless you go to casinos just to divert your attention from stressful weekdays, and have some fun and you have lots money to bet on. But every poker player wants to win the game so as persons going to casino, to have some luck.

Every person who succeeded in his or her chosen endeavor had worked hard for it. They exerted extraordinary effort and sacrifices. In the poker game, the word lucky is always mentioned because the luck depends on the cards you receive, yet there are strategies for us to win the game.

You, as poker rookie should remember the ROI (return of investment) that being new in the game, you will loose on the first, second or even on the following game. The same scenario, its just like you are investing on it. On the following games, you will surely win because youíve learned already the proper protocol of the game.

Although these things donít assure the possibility that you will loss or win the game, the best thing to do in a first-time situation is to take precaution. Every opponent is looking a point for him to take advantage of the other. Be smart and be the first to find that hole.

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