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The Basics of Texas Hold Em Poker

Author: Andy Fullard

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The basics of Texas hold em poker

A very quick run down of a game of Texas holdem

Texas Holdem poker a very popular card game played with a standard deck of cards, To start the game the dealer provides each player with two personal cards face down so that no one else can see them. The dealer always deals to their left. Additionally, there are five more community cards dealt out over stages with betting inbetween. The five community cards can be combined with the two personal cards to form highest five card poker hand. The best 5 card poker hand is the winner.

When betting in Texas holdem you have several different choices depending upon what the person before you has done. You may either...

• Check - If there are no bets in the pot then you may check. I.e., check the next card or check to see what the next player wants to do.

• Fold – if you fold your cards this means you stop all further betting and give your cards back to the dealer then sit the rest of the hand out.

• Call - match the amount of money agreed by everyone else and see the next card or call for your opponents cards to be shown.

• Raise - raise the steaks even more, challenging your opponents to either fold, call or raise it even more back at you. Some games have limits on how much you can bet, in “no limit” holdem players can choose to bet everything they own. This is known as going “all in”.

The game play structure.

• Each player get 2 personal cards nicknamed "pocket cards"

• There is round of betting.

• Three community cards are dealt out onto the table in "the flop"

• There is another round of betting.

• A fourth communal card is then dealt out, this is called "the turn"

• There is another round of betting.

• The Fifth and final card is dealt out also known as "the river card"

• There is a final round of betting known as "the showdown"

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Andy Fullard enjoys playing online poker and recommends you visit Holdem poker uk to read more about the game and reviews of poker sites as well as links to the best sites to play at. Click the following link if you are looking for a us poker site

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