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Texas Hold'em Hand Odds Defined And Analysed

Author: David Mclauchlan

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Odds Defined: the ratio by which one better's wager is greater than that of another; "he offered odds of two to one"

What is Texas Hold'em: Texas hold 'em (or simply hold 'em or holdem) is the most popular of the community card poker games. It is the most popular poker variant played in casinos in the western United States, and its no-limit form is used in the main event of the World Series of Poker (abbreviated WSOP), widely recognized as the world championship of the game.

When playing Texas Hold'em, a little work with numbers is unavoidable. This game deals with a good amount of probabilities and poker and Texas Hold'em hand odds. Fortunately, calculating your Texas Hold'em hand odds is quite simple, once you understand the basics of it.

Texas Hold'em Hand Odds - A Definition

Texas Hold'em hand odds are your chances of making a hand in poker. For instance, if you're holding two hearts and the flop is showing two other hearts, then your Texas Hold'em hand odds of making a flush are about 2 to 1. When you translate this to simple English, it means that you will get the flush once for every three times that you play your hand. On the other hand, if your Texas Hold'em hand odds is 3 to 1, this means that you get one chance of hitting your hand in about 4 times.

Calculating your Texas Hold'em Hand Odds

There is one thing you need to consider when you calculate your Texas Hold'em hand odds and that is your outs. Outs are the cards left in the deck after the dealer deals your pocket cards and the community cards.

If for instance, you are holding an Ace and a King of spades and the flop shows two more spades. Since there are 13 cards of each suit, this leaves you with 9 more spades in the deck. Therefore, you have 9 outs to complete your flush.

Once you know how to calculate your outs properly, you can start calculating your Texas Hold'em hand odds. Texas Hold'em odds can be easily calculated for a single event. For instance, when flipping the river after the turn, you get your Texas Hold'em hand odds by dividing your total outs by the remaining cards. However, at the flop, calculating your Texas Hold'em hands odds can get a bit more complicated.

Your Texas Hold'em hand odds from the flop to the river are calculated by using the following factors: the remaining number of cards (47), number of outs, and the percentage of making that hand.

The Texas Hold'em hand odds percentage formula looks like this: 1 - {(47 - Outs] / 47) ([46 - Outs] / 46)}. Once you get your percentage, you can use this formula to get your Texas Hold'em hand odds: (1 / Percentage) - 1.

There is also a shorter way of calculating your Texas Hold'em hand odds. At the flop, get your number of outs and multiply it by 4 to get your Texas Hold'em hand odds percentage. And then, multiply your number of outs by 2 to get an estimate of your Texas Hold'em hand ods percentage at the turn.

Let's say for example, you are holding an Ace and a Jack of spades. The flop shows you 5 of clubs, and a Ten and a King of diamonds. Your outs of getting a Queen are 4, an Ace 3, and a Queen or Ace of diamonds 2. When you calculate this, you get 5 for your total number of outs. (The Queen and Ace of diamonds are no longer included in the calculation since you can get either one during the first try.)

Your percentage for draw is 5 outs divided by 4. 20% is Texas Hold'em hand odds percentage. Divide 100 by 20 and you get 5 minus 1. Your Texas Hold'em hand odds of drawing an Ace or a Queen are 4 to 1. This means that you get one chance of hitting your hand every 5 times.

Texas Hold-em can be a lot of fun. Please always play with the intention of having fun and leave the heavy gambling to the pros. Many lives have been destroyed because of addiction to gambling.

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