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Internet Texas Hold 'em Poker Notation

The poker craze has poured into the Internet, with dozens of sites offering poker guidance or online gambling. Along with this information, an Internet Poker Notation has been formed.

This notation has been created as a shorthand method for people to talk about poker. This notation is used on many websites (like this one,, on online poker chat rooms, in emails, and any place people read and write about poker.

The benefit of this notation is that you are able to quickly and easily get your message across without having to be very verbose, and without doing anything too fancy. For example, let's say you want to discuss a hand in Poker. Let's say you want to say what your hole cards and three other players in the game, plus the flop, turn and river. Without some form of abbreviation, you'll be typing alot! An example might be "I had an Ace of Spades and a Seven of Diamonds. The player to my left had a Eight of Clubs and a Six of Hearts. The player to his left had a Nine of Hearts and a Nine of Diamonds..." Instead, you could abbreviate those ranks and suits with a standard notation that any poker player will understand.

Here is your guide to understanding the Internet Poker Notation.

Notation for the card rank:

Ace: A
King: K
Queen: Q
Jack: J
Ten: T
Nine: 9
Eight: 8
Seven: 7
Six: 6
Five: 5
Four: 4
Three: 3
Two: 2

To symbolize offsuit, use an "o". To symbolize suited, use an "s". If neither is specified, it means the suit does not matter or offsuit.

Some examples are:

Pocket Aces: AA
Ace-King, offsuit: AKo
Ace-King, suited: AKs
Seven-Two offsuit: 72o
Six-Five suited: 65s

Sometimes, the specific suit of cards do matter. In this case, sites (including this one) will use a convention of Clubs=c, Diamonds=d, Hearts=h and Spades=s. Note that this could cause possible confusion between the s=suited and s=Spades, so the context that it is being used matters.

Below are some examples of how this notation is used.

Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts: AdAh
King of Clubs, Jack of Spades: KcJs
Five of Hearts, Ten of Diamonds: 5hTd
Seven of Clubs, Two of Clubs: 7c2c

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